Friday, November 28, 2008

Understanding the New Generation Worker

Want to learn how to win the talent crisis? Join my friend and colleague Gord Green on December 9th at Recognition Professionals International’s website for a webinar on “Understanding the New Generation Worker”!

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Gord’s webinar will show you how to use recognition to win the War of Talent by better understanding the New Generation Worker.

I know the economy is a mess and unemployment is rising but this won’t last. By 2011, there’ll be a shortfall of 3 million workers between the projected workforce and the number of jobs required to keep the economy moving by 2016. Attracting and retaining talent is a no brainer anytime… especially millennials! Gord will teach attendees how to:
1. Use recognition to influence the relational value of your corporate culture
2. Use recognition for retention, recruitment and engagement
3. Motivate your new employees to align their behaviors to your corporate values!

Gord’s one of the foremost Thought Leaders and Program Strategists in the Recognition & Reward marketplace. He’s been instrumental in helping global corporations develop and maintain highly effective employee engagement solutions. He writes, lectures and is frequently quoted on recognition and reward strategies, behavioral alignment to brand strategy, maximizing employee engagement and tactical reward program implementation.

I hope you enjoy his webinar!