Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creating Great Corporate Culture One Slice at a Time

How do you take a standard industry turnover rate of 150% and reduce it to less than 30? Tune in to the next episode of Real Recognition Radio to find out!

CEO of Nick’s Pizza & Pub, Nick Sarillo is going to be interviewed by my colleagues Roy Saunderson and Max Brown on the next Real Recognition Radio. Nick will share his insights and practices so you can learn what it means to “create great corporate culture one slice at a time.”

Featured on the cover of Inc. magazine, on Fox Business and in Newsweek for his creative and values-driven approach to leadership and training, Nick will show you how to create a deep corporate culture that delivers a strong sense of belonging, topped with high morale and high productivity. Tune in next Tuesday at 1 PM ET and learn how embedding recognition in corporate culture results in success!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Roy Saunderson is a Visionary!

In 1996, Roy Saunderson founded the Recognition Management Institute (RMI) to address the difficulty managers have giving effective recognition to their employees. Roy was one the very first pure play recognition consultants and pioneers in the field.

At that time, Roy was a very lonely voice in the wilderness. Most folks associated “recognition” with rewards. Roy saw it differently. He believed that recognition was about feelings. He coined the term Real Recognition™ and over the years, has consulted and presented to corporate clients all across the globe as well as to governments and trade associations.

I’m proud of the fact that that Recognition Management Institute became a division of Rideau Recognition Solutions in 2006.

Roy is truly a visionary in the field of employee recognition!

One of his recent monthly columns in Incentive Magazine addresses one of the hottest topics in our industry head on. That issue is how to determine ROI on recognition programs.

I urge all readers to check out Roy’s “Top 10 Tips for Solid Recognition ROI” in Incentive Magazine.

One of Roy’s thoughts really struck home with me… “the bottom line is not as important as what happens above that line.” How true. A profit & loss statement is just a snapshot in time. Too many CEO’s and other c-suite types focus on this short term “moment” and forget the bigger picture. Those who care about what happens above the profit line… i.e. PEOPLE… will be rewarded with sustainable long-term growth and profits.

Read Roy’s column. I think it was one of his best!

... and if you're looking for more recognition - try listening to Real Recognition Radio hosted by Roy and our colleague Max Brown.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Contented Cows Move Faster

Did you know contented cows move faster??

On the next Real Recognition Radio, my colleagues Roy Saunderson and S. Max Brown will be interviewing the authors of Contented Cows Move Faster - Bill Catlette and Richard Hadden. Bill and Richard also speak to, train, and coach managers on leadership practices for better business outcome. This great episode will teach you how having a focused, fired-up, and capably led workforce is one of the best things any organization can do for its bottom line.

Tune in next Tuesday at 1 PM ET!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recognition Reading

The Recognition Council's latest white paper is entitled Pump Up Employee Engagement: Fuel Prosperity with Strategic Recognition, Supercharge Your Program by Really Knowing Your Audience.

Give it a read to learn how to wield recognition effectively and accomplish all your corporate goals.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How Southwest Makes Recognition Fly

Next on Real Recognition Radio is Southwest Airlines’ Sunny Abercrombie and Leslie Shults. Hosts & colleagues Max Brown and Roy Saunderson are going to uncover their secret to a happy and performing workforce!

Their vibrant corporate culture has created a positive workplace and flyers are reaping the benefits. Sunny is the Senior Director Culture Services and Leslie is the Team Leader/Planner Culture Activities. The two will show you how to create a recognition culture that filters down to your customers. And you’ll be happy to learn there’s a financial benefit to all the fun Southwest has!

Tune in next Tuesday at 1 PM ET

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Reward IS Recognition: Earning Discretionary Effort

Our very own Roy Saunderson, president and founder of the Recognition Management Institute, will be a guest during Pollstream's next webinar, The Reward IS Recognition: Earning Discretionary Effort on June 23rd.

As far back as the 1890s George Eastman recognized that a solid core of highly engaged employees were the heart of his enterprise. When he began paying his employees dividends out of his own pocket he discovered that a small bonus was enough to encourage employees to perform above what their job descriptions required.

The difference between what a worker is required to do and the higher level of performance a worker is capable of is known as "discretionary effort." It turns out that the cash Eastman handed to his employees might not have been as important as the fact that he took the time to recognize their contributions.

Register now and reserve your place, it's free!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Engagement in the Post-Recession Economy

In just two days, on Wednesday, June 16th at 2 PM, I will be speaking during Inventive Magazine's live free webinar, "Engagement in the Post-Recession Economy."

I'll be talking about the importance as well as ease with which recognition can keep your employees engaged and productive throughout the recession period and into the recovery period!

Click here to register - it's free!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Is Engagement Just a Buzz Word?

David Zinger is the next lucky guest on Real Recognition Radio, hosted by my colleagues S. Max Brown and Roy Saunderson. David Zinger is the founder and host of the 2,500+ member Employee Engagement Network.

This episode will teach how engagement can change a company, but more importantly what engagement can do for an individual on a personal level. David is a world traveled speaker, educator, coach and consultant focused on achieving results through engagement. Listen in and learn the value of online communities, the power of Zen-gage and the best and most effective methods of communication!

Tune in every Tuesday at 1 PM ET on Real Recognition Radio.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Roy Saunderson on the value of Real Recognition

Have you met my colleague Roy Saunderson? Roy is the president and founder of the Recognition Management Institute, and co-hosts Real Recognition Radio along with S. Max Brown.

Click below to meet our very own recognition guru!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thank You Thoughts

"Management is nothing more than motivating other people." --Lee Iacocca

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Driving Performance Through Validation

My colleagues Roy Saunderson and S. Max Brown welcome the Chairman and CEO of The Og Mandino Group, David Blanchard to Real Recognition Radio. David’s amazing success story has led him from award winning writer and director to a career where helping people succeed and creating a more fulfilling work and life space is his bread and butter.

During this episode you will gain insight on the importance of self-improvement, real leadership, communication and how this leads to innovation and a happier, healthier, more productive workplace.

Join in on the conversation on the next episode of Real Recognition Radio - tune in every Tuesday at 1 PM ET!