Monday, November 24, 2008

Recognition is Universal

I just returned from Paris where I attended the well attended launch of Christophe Laval's new book "Plaidoyer pour la reconnaissance au travail." Roughly translated "A Plea For Recognition in the Workplace."

You can purchase a copy of his book in French here.

The book provides useful research and is a great read particularly for those who are interested in understanding how recognition is viewed in France and other European countries.

Christophe speaks with authority on recognition. He comes from the industry and for the last several years has headed up "Entreprise et Personnel" which is the French equivalent of SHRM.

Christophe is Recognition Professionals International's first European CRP grad and understands the cultural and international nuances of recognition.

After the launch, Christophe and I participated on a panel and discussed some of those differences with the audience.

One thing is certain... Recognition has no boundaries and while it may be delivered differently from one country to another, it is truly a universal concept.