Monday, November 10, 2008

More Help From Your Friends!

Another great place to go for information is the Incentive Marketing Association.

This is the world's leading organization on incentives and incentive marketing.

This association is for providers only. Within the IMA there are a number of different Strategic Industry Groupings (SIGs).

Each SIG has a specific area of interest. For instance, there are geographic SIGs. European, Canadian and Australian members all have their own SIGs.

Then there are industry specific SIGs for companies who are focused on global programs, gift cards, performance etc.

I'm proud to have been a founder of the IMA's Recognition Council SIG last year and currently sit as its President. The IMA and each one of its SIGs are helping to enhance our industry and provide thought leadership.

While membership is closed to providers, the IMA website and those of its SIGs does provide valuable information in the form of white papers, articles and webinars open to the public.

Since I'm into shameless self-promotion I urge you to visit my SIG...!