Monday, July 6, 2009

Roy Saunderson’s Recognition Journey is My Good Fortune!

Earlier this summer, Roy Saunderson gave a keynote at Recognition Professionals International’s annual conference in Naples.

You might find this odd, but I have never heard Roy speak before. Yes, I’m supposed to be running the show. And yes, logic has it I should have heard Roy speak before buying his company three years ago and having him work with me!

But I didn’t… I just knew it was the right thing to do.

Roy’s keynote was powerful. He spoke for over an hour. He had no notes. No PowerPoint. There were no props other than a small little teddy bear (I’m not going to explain why here). There was none of the usual pauses, searching for words, or the other things speakers usually do when searching for words.

It was just a simple, powerful story about Roy’s own personal recognition journey. It was a story that reduced many in the audience to tears.

I was proud to be part of Roy’s recognition journey.

Roy’s story is my good fortune. I’m so lucky to know this humble man!

His message is powerful.

His cause is Noble.