Friday, July 10, 2009

It Beats Cleaning the Garage!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the Incentive Federation and the great work it’s doing promoting a Legislative Awareness Program.

In case you missed the post, the Incentive Federation is working on defining the incentive and recognition industry so that governments can understand how our work plays a key role in promoting a better, healthier workplace and hopefully enact legislation that will accomplish this objective.

Well the other day, I got a call from George Delta. He wanted to know if Arne Carlson, one of my Board Members could give some advice on how the Incentive Federation should proceed.

It was a great idea!

Arne was a very successful two-term Governor from the great State of Minnesota. He certainly knows how the system worked.

So I called the Carlson household… it was my second call of the day!

My first was to go over some scheduling stuff for an upcoming Board meeting in Montreal. Arne’s wife Susan answered the phone. Arne was unavailable. He was cleaning out the garage! But that was okay! Susan was also coming to Montreal and the two of us were able to work out the details without Arne.

The second time I called Arne answered the phone himself. I explained George’s request and suggested a conference call the following week. Arne countered with “Why not now? It would sure beat cleaning out the garage!”

So if new legislation is successfully enacted, let it be remembered one of the reasons for its passage was a former Governor’s desire to skip out on his household chores!!!