Monday, July 20, 2009

American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life

The Plattsburgh Team
Cancer is a terrible disease. It has taken away so many loved ones far too early. Cancer took my Mom away 9 years ago. Eighteen months ago it took away Jeff Mills. Three weeks ago it took away Michelle Verville our longest serving employee.

Many others in our circle of friends continue to battle cancer on a daily basis. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

And then there are the survivors… those who have beaten cancer and have gone on to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Last week I spoke to you about Cristal Bordeleau, this week I’m going to tell you about how Rideau and my teammates supported American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life.
Mike Korash, SaraLynn
Mills and Ann Collins

I’m so proud EVERYONE in our US Distribution Center contributed or participated one way or another in Plattsburgh’s Relay for Life.

The relay started on Friday at 7PM and finished on Saturday at 7AM. Two of our colleagues Pearl Mills (Jeff Mill’s wife) and Marie Pringer managed to stay up all night. The rest of the team crawled into sleeping bags at one point or another over the course of the evening… but they were there and participated. They lit white candle bags with the names of loved ones who had passed away from cancer. These were placed around the perimeter of the track that everyone walked.

Rob Collier, our US Distribution Manager reported that everyone had a very good time for this worthwhile cause.
Pearl Mills
The Rideau Plattsburgh team raised over $1,000 through a combination of contributions from employees, friends, vendors, bake sale and raffles. Rideau is going to match the amount raised by the Plattsburgh team for a total of over $2,000. We plan to do it again next year. What’s amazing is in total the Relay for Life event in little old Plattsburgh raised an estimated $175,000 that night!

One day cancer will be beaten.