Monday, June 28, 2010

Roy Saunderson is a Visionary!

In 1996, Roy Saunderson founded the Recognition Management Institute (RMI) to address the difficulty managers have giving effective recognition to their employees. Roy was one the very first pure play recognition consultants and pioneers in the field.

At that time, Roy was a very lonely voice in the wilderness. Most folks associated “recognition” with rewards. Roy saw it differently. He believed that recognition was about feelings. He coined the term Real Recognition™ and over the years, has consulted and presented to corporate clients all across the globe as well as to governments and trade associations.

I’m proud of the fact that that Recognition Management Institute became a division of Rideau Recognition Solutions in 2006.

Roy is truly a visionary in the field of employee recognition!

One of his recent monthly columns in Incentive Magazine addresses one of the hottest topics in our industry head on. That issue is how to determine ROI on recognition programs.

I urge all readers to check out Roy’s “Top 10 Tips for Solid Recognition ROI” in Incentive Magazine.

One of Roy’s thoughts really struck home with me… “the bottom line is not as important as what happens above that line.” How true. A profit & loss statement is just a snapshot in time. Too many CEO’s and other c-suite types focus on this short term “moment” and forget the bigger picture. Those who care about what happens above the profit line… i.e. PEOPLE… will be rewarded with sustainable long-term growth and profits.

Read Roy’s column. I think it was one of his best!

... and if you're looking for more recognition - try listening to Real Recognition Radio hosted by Roy and our colleague Max Brown.