Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Creating Great Corporate Culture One Slice at a Time

How do you take a standard industry turnover rate of 150% and reduce it to less than 30? Tune in to the next episode of Real Recognition Radio to find out!

CEO of Nick’s Pizza & Pub, Nick Sarillo is going to be interviewed by my colleagues Roy Saunderson and Max Brown on the next Real Recognition Radio. Nick will share his insights and practices so you can learn what it means to “create great corporate culture one slice at a time.”

Featured on the cover of Inc. magazine, on Fox Business and in Newsweek for his creative and values-driven approach to leadership and training, Nick will show you how to create a deep corporate culture that delivers a strong sense of belonging, topped with high morale and high productivity. Tune in next Tuesday at 1 PM ET and learn how embedding recognition in corporate culture results in success!