Monday, June 1, 2009

The Secret is Out... Jennifer Lumba is a Winner!

My youngest son Jordan and I share a similar trait... neither of us are very good at keeping secrets! So imagine how difficult it was, knowing for quite some time that Jennifer Lumba, one of my of my closest colleagues and friends at Rideau was going to receive a Recognition Professionals International Spotlight Award!

Well the secret is out!

Jennifer Lumba is an RPI Spotlight Award winner. She won the award for her marketing work for our association.

This is not the first time Jennifer was recognized in 2009! Her fundraising efforts for multiple sclerosis earned her a nomination for the Leadership Award from the MS Society of Quebec. This award has been given to Quebecers who have shown excellence in their professional lives, exemplary commitment to their community as well as the fight against MS.

Jennifer is one of my best and brightest colleagues. She earns the respect of everyone she works with... it doesn’t matter if it’s an internal Rideau project, work for a client, or a fundraiser.

Speaking of which, Jennifer gave a highly rated breakout session at the RPI conference on the marketing and communication of recognition programs.

Watch for more great things from Jennifer in the future!