Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Newest Colleague is a Gem. Her name is Christi Gibson!

I think Christi Gibson is one of the unsung heroes of the recognition industry.

Christi was involved with Recognition Professionals International for over eight years and served as its Executive Director.

When she joined Recognition Professionals International it had only 200 members and a very limited budget. Christi’s ability to raise funds and carefully manage our expenses allowed the organization to grow to over 900 members.

I believe Christi’s lasting legacy at RPI was to manage funds in such a way that we were able to go out and create the educational content that has now become our Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) program.

When I realized Christi was going to leave RPI earlier this year I knew right away that we would work together. My colleagues all felt the same way and I’m so pleased that she joined my colleague Roy Saunderson at the Recognition Management Institute as its Executive Director.

Roy’s work is noble. He is creating better workplace environments. Employees in these workplaces will be healthier, more engaged and less susceptible to leaving the organization. All of which will make companies more productive on a sustainable basis.

Now, with Christi at his side, the sky’s the limit for Roy and the Recognition Management Institute.

Christi is a gem and we are lucky to have her at our side!