Monday, June 29, 2009

A Busy, But Rewarding Week!

We recently had a very busy week at Rideau.

We had a lot of visitors including some from Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Winnipeg and Paris, France.

We also had our quarterly in person Board of Directors meeting which is always stressful and it was followed by Rideau’s Annual Awards Ceremony.

A whole team of Rideau associates worked for weeks on the ceremony. Citations are written and carefully translated because we do the ceremony in French and English.

This year we recognized over 100 individual recipients along with a special award going to our Six Sigma team (I got one of these). Paula Cordisco got a “special caring award” for her outstanding work. Mao Truong Du, Bryan Conroy and Jon Warmington all won Employee of the Year Awards under their respective departments within the company.

This was followed by a cocktail reception. Governor Arne Carlson, Rideau’s Vice Chairman and his wife Susan couldn’t get over the fact that our employee’s lingered on so long after the event.

In the evening we had a dinner celebrating those with 15 years or more of service.

It was a busy week. Lots of recognition which was rewarding in its own right!