Thursday, April 16, 2009

Platinum Tours

Not too long ago I wrote about Rideau’s Platinum Rule of Recognition.

Simply put, the Platinum Rule is to make sure you treat your employees just like you want them to treat your company's customers!

So let me tell you about a technique my brother Stephen and I use at Rideau that brings the Platinum Rule to life.

A couple of times a month, one of us conducts a “Platinum Tour” for our employees. We take five or six employees at a time and bring them around Rideau. See above, for a picture of Stephen with a few employees on tour.

Over the course of the following three hours we treat these employees as if they were clients or potential clients. We spend about a half an hour going over Rideau’s history and our vision for the future. We then take them on an extended tour of our facilities.

The employees come from different areas of the business. When we reach their own departments, they will often explain to the others what they do.

These tours allow our colleagues to understand the importance of how their work fits into the whole. It brings new meaning into how my brother and I expect them to treat our customers.

There is a Platinum Tour waiting list and I consider them to be one of the most important things I do at Rideau.

Do you have any examples of this kind of recognition implemented in your company?