Monday, February 22, 2010

Rideau Sets a World Record!

Our CRP graduates

Okay… it’s not in the Guinness Book of Records… yet… but our company has set a new world record for the number of employees who have become Certified Recognition Professionals!

Today, 38 Rideau and Recognition Management Institute employees are CRP grads and they come from all over the company… not just those who face our customers.

Why did Rideau make such a significant investment in Recognition Professionals International’s CRP courses?

There are a number of reasons… the first being, it is critical that we all practice what we preach and understand the importance of our daily work.

CRP has made us a better company. All our employees came away energized about recognition and what we do for our clients. It didn’t matter whether my colleagues worked in sales, marketing, IT, manufacturing, distribution or administration… everyone has a better understanding of “why” recognition is important and “how” to deliver it. I think it made everyone look at the recipient awards leaving our distribution centers a little bit differently.

Most importantly, it made us realize that our work in the field of recognition and rewards is noble… it helps builds successful relationships that are fundamental to all our lives.